Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Houseguests and Prayer Make a Combo of an Incredible Week

Last week was filled with an adventure. No, it wasn't the kind of adventure where you do extreme skiing or climb a high mountain, it was a prayer adventure.

I invited my very good friend, Becky Slabaugh, to come to Seattle to do some personal ministry and equipping with Missio Lux. Becky was a gift to me when I first came to Pine Lake Covenant as Associate Pastor and she became my intercessor. Becky helped develop my passion for prayer as she is able to see the unseen in the spiritual realm and she was my guide, helping me to understand experientially that prayer moves mountains.

Becky brought an intercessor with her, and the three of us had many wonderful prayer experiences. Her friend, Stephanie, prayed for me and a part of my body was healed.

Our Healing Prayer Team was most anxious to meet Becky and Stephanie. We started with communion which erupted into joyous praise and worship. We finally got to dinner after that, which was followed by a night of prophetic words and prayers over every person present. It went way beyond our usual meeting time, and even though it got very late, each person was reluctant to leave. It is such a gift to be in community and know God better at the same time.

Becky also came to do some temperment analysis to help her finish her degree. She met with 11 hungry people who desired to know themselves better so they could know others and God better themselves.

My house feels emptier now, but it sure was full last week. Full of God's love and prayer.

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