Friday, February 5, 2010

Amazing Missio Lux Colorado Adventures, Part 2

One of the gifts in Colorado is our Sudanese Brother, Arok Garang. Arok is a Lost Boy who has come to the US and is making a difference in the world with his life. (Arok is on the left and his friend Joseph is one the right).

Arok is a leader of Seeds of Hope, a Missio Lux Missio Community. Seeds of Hope has a mission to educate children from the Southern Sudan village of Pauliu. Arok has been chosen to be a village leader in this village, even though he has never returned to it since he had to leave when his village was burned and his parents were killed.

Arok has a big faith and an even bigger heart.

Arok came to Covenant Village where my parents now live and gave a presentation about Seeds of Hope. Since I happened to be in Colorado, I also joined the presentation. It is always a gift to be able to tell the story of how 15,000 young boys between the ages of 3 and 7 walked a dangerious trek of 1,000 miles with very little adult supervision to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. They were there for about 18 months when Ethiopia had a war and the Sudanese orphans had to leave again. This time they went to Kenya and ended up in the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

When Sudan made a peace accord at the end of 2007, the UN closed the Kakuma Refugee Camp. All the children, most of them orphans, had to leave in January, 2008. This also happened to be the very month that Missio Lux began to form.

So, Missio Lux and Seeds of Hope formed together at the same time. We were literally running, out of breath, as we sought to catch up with God's plan for us. Within a few months, we had 34 children in boarding school in Nakuru, Kenya where the children are safe, fed, treated for illness, and most of all, educated.

Education is the key to a future of hope.
Arok understands this and it is why he is has worked hard since coming to the US to get his GED, put himself through University of Colorado with a degree in Economics.

Now Arok commits himself to tell the story of his life as a Lost Boy and the redemptive dream of educating his village children so that together they can return to the village of Pauliu to rebuild it.

34 children have seeds of hope planted in them every day. However, there are still over 75 children from their village who are basically homeless because funding for their schooling has not yet been secured.

Please pray together with Missio Lux for all the children, that God would find a way to bring them out of Egypt and into the promised land of safety and education.

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