Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentines Day Gift: Hearing Larry's Miraculous Healing Story

Yesterday my husband Bill and I went to see Larry and Priscilla in their home to hear the amazing miracle story of Larry's healing. Larry wasn't just healed of a headache or even cancer: Larry was literally dead several times, and he is now very much alive!

Here's the story. Priscilla was rushing him to the emergency room because Larry had chest pains, when at one point in the drive, Priscilla knew that he had died. She turned into an animal hospital where a Vet gave Larry CPR until the EMT's arrived. Larry had no pulse when they came and it took them over a half an hour to be able to take him to the hospital.

The Dr. told Priscilla how grim his situation was: he had been without oxygen for several minutes, he was literally dead and his heart was in shambles. He had very little brain activity to top it off.

Larry had a night where he was given the paddles 25 times because his heart kept stopping.

But, God's people never gave up hope. Our Missio Lux prayer team, amongst many others, went into his hospital room and spoke like Jesus, "Lazarus Larry come out!" We literally told his spirit to integrate once again with his body because God had more he could do with Larry on earth.

God heard our prayers and answered! Just 10 days after Larry entered the hospital practically dead, he walked out and is now walking 2 miles a day just one month later. He is looking forward to riding his bike next week!

When Larry checked out, his doctor told him, "Your chances of leaving the hospital were 0%. You were dead for over 30 minutes and you continued to die several times." God defies the earthly odds by giving us his Kingdom on earth!

It was just like all the other times that I've visited with Larry yesterday, but this time, I kept pinching myself because I could have been visiting his grave instead of his home!


Anne-Marie said...

This is such an amazing story! God is so good! Please pray for me as well. I am a 58 year old mother of 10 and grandmother of 18. I have a chronic disease, Hepatitis C, which will end in premature death .... or so my Doctor pronounced when I told her that I believe in prayer and miracles. I also have been suffering with troubling symptoms related to my cardiovascular system, negative heart and brain responses to elevated blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, range of motion limitations, thyroid problems, a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and my right hip is frozen. (The stressors in my life include a husband who is unfaithful and numerous children and grandchildren who are lost or backslidden ... and by the way, I have no medical insurance) ... BUT GOD!!!!!!!! He made this body and He has given me a promise in Acts 16:31 of Household Salvation. They belong to him! He is more than enough to meet every need. Please agree with me in prayer. When my miracles manifest, God will get ALL of the GLORY!

Anonymous said...

Your story really touched me. You have so much going on in your life......but God! I believe in miracles and believe that God put me on this sight today to agree in prayer with you. I believe that His mighty healing power will touch your body in every area. May your body come into line with God's perfect will for you. I ask that the Kingdom of Heaven come into your body now in all its healing power. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen