Thursday, February 11, 2010

Amazing Missio Lux Colorado Adventures, Part 4

I have a friend in Denver named Vaun. We went to seminary together and partnered together to start the Journey Project, the front runner ministry to Missio Lux.

Today, she is doing something really unique for women. She bought a lovely old home in Denver in the Capital Hill area that she, along with a troop of other women, have transformed into Pomegranate Place: an Oasis for Women!

Pomegranate Place is an open door, an invitation to grow: emotionally, spiritually, artistically, academically: it's open for women from all different walks of life and interests to use to bring others into a place of community and expression of the whole self. Their brochures states "We provide a sanctuary in the heart of Denver that supports, encourages, and inspires women to live well."

Each room has a unique bent to it. Some will be perfect for spiritual direction: others are meant to be writing rooms, or creating rooms, or others are perfect to hold a seminar or neighborhood gathering for important topics. The brochures lists others too: service projects/special events, life coaching and mentoring, reflection garden and of course, what gathering place would be complete without a "coffee bar!"

It was a gift to visit Pomegranate Place and absorb the vision Vaun has had for many years. I am so pleased to see it becoming a reality. I can't wait to hear more of the stories of how women will be nourished, enlivened, and empowered in more meaningful lives through their connection to Pomegranate Place!

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Laurie said...

This is really great. Very cool website too!