Sunday, February 7, 2010

Amazing Colorado Missio Lux Adventures, Part 3

Monday was the day that Covenant Midwinter Pastor's Conference began. I was really looking forward to attending since I had missed the past two because of family and Missio Lux commitments.

There is so much to look forward to in a Covenant gathering ( The Evangelical Covenant is a small but thriving denomination which sets it priorities on six affirmations:

New birth in Christ
The Bible is God's Word and Authority
Mission of the Church
Fellowship of Believers
Dependence on Holy Spirit
Freedom in Christ

I can definitely attest that the Covenant follows these priorities. I love that freedom in Christ is on the affirmations because each Covenant church carries their own unique identity, there is nothing cookie cutter about their approach.

I have been given much freedom to form and shape Missio Lux as God is directing me. I enjoy the fellowship and friendship of the Church Planters in our area, as well as across the US.

So, what did I do at the Covenant Midwinter?

I talked, a lot.

People had a lot of interest in Missio Lux, curiousity, questions, people to connect me with that may be interested in an organic, simple, flexible structure that seeks to know God, love one another and serve the world through a relational network of missio communities.

Our mission: "To experience and share the freedom and hope Jesus offers everyone."

I also made some new friends, one of them is named Bret. He is writing his doctorate at Fuller on different approaches for church planting. We had some valuable conversation as we shared what we were both hearing from the Lord.

It was a gift to be present at Midwinter this year....I am glad I went.

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