Friday, February 12, 2010

Amazing Missio Lux Colorado Adventures, Part 5

My last experience in Colorado was one of my highlights: spending time with our sister healing ministry: Living Free Ministry.

I have been mentoring and coaching their leader, Terri Parzybok, since they started almost two years ago now. She is a very dear friend and an amazing woman of God!

LFM usually meets every Monday night, as well as Wednesdays during the day, to pray for those that want to be healed. But, occasionally, they hold a team time on Monday nights instead of being open for prayer. I was invited to share and do ministry with the team my last night in Denver.

I have grown to love these dear people! They are so passionate about Jesus, one another and their missio of healing. They are able to speak often about the miracles of healing that they are experiencing and the transformed lives that are taking place within their midst.

In fact, 8 or 9 new people are currently joining their team because of the healing that has taken place in their lives!

I first shared about abiding! This is one of the most important themes in the Bible because God takes rest seriously and we are invited to rest as well. It comes first in Genesis where the God rested after 6 days of creation. Rest shows up again in the 10 Commandments, which I like to call the 10 Boundaries for Living. These rules are there to protect us; not keep us from living a free life. Finally, Jesus invites us to abide with him in John 15 where he tells us that without abiding with him, we won' t have any fruit to share with the world.

After examining the abide concept, I encouraged the team to take time to abide while I did personal prayer ministry with each person. The time flew by as Terri the leader and I spoke prophetic words over each person. I was thrilled and amazed at the powerful words of love, hope and future that God gave to each healing prayer minister. He also gave some great keys for the development of the ministry.

Finally, it was time to go. One of the great privileges for me is that my brother-in-law has just joined the team so he was the one who drove me home. It is a gift to see and to hear of all the ways that God is working in his life. How fun that Missio Lux is structured in such a way that even though I live a 1,000 miles away, God is still using me to help equip and support the ministry that he serves in.

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