Friday, May 15, 2009

Seattle King County Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Today I attended the Seattle King County Prayer Breakfast.

It snuck up on me after all that I have been doing, so I went with a free agenda, letting God know that he could do whatever he wanted; whatever divine appointments he wanted to give me were great!

I was pleased to find out that the whole idea of prayer breakfasts started in Seattle during the depression. They began to spread and when Dwight Eisenhower asked to join the Senate and House prayer breakfast, it began to move into many countries. Prayer Breakfasts can now be found in over 180 countries on every continent.

Gary Haugen was the key note speaker. Gary started International Justice Mission; an ordinary guy whom God has called to do extraodinary things. He said some things that I would like to pass along:
He began with the quote: "All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."
He began to explore reasons why we don't rise up against evil: it all comes from poverty, but not the kind that comes through lack of money.

1. A poverty of compassion
2. A poverty of purpose
3. A poverty of hope

When we begin to know the God of compassion, purpose and hope, we begin to rise up and realize that we have been given what we need to fight evil. We belong to a powerful God who gives us compassion, purpose and hope, and as we live out of those truths, we see lives, our own first and then other's lives, transformed.

After the breakfast, I ran into an amazing woman of faith. Her name is Valerie Vicknair and she is powerhouse in the Lord. We were thrilled to see one another, it had been too long. She is being called to help a woman named Susan Hutchison run for Ron Simms position. She used to be the anchor for kiro news for a long time but now she has a new kingdom assignment. Valerie told me that this council of 7 has never had a person of faith on their council. Let's begin to pray for Susan to be given the keys to the council......

As people gathered around Valerie and I, I realized that even if we have never met, when we truly seek to follow Jesus first in our lives, connection happens in powerful ways. I left with many new friends and some enlarged vision for how Missio Lux can be a true mission of light. We can stand as beacons of light against the dark evil of this world.

I love the Scripture in John 1:5 which states: "The light penetrates the darkness and the darkness cannot extinguish it."

Wherever we go, even to a Seattle prayer breakfast, we bring the light which quickly overpowers the darkness.

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kimmiB said...

Hey there, thank you so much for posting this. I'm actually planning a prayer breakfast for my school's Students' Union. Could you let me know you they coordinated the eating and praying at that prayer breakfast. All help is welcome.