Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayer for Healing

My parents are here visiting. It's a gift to have them present, especially because my Mother has been struggling with a rather severe heart condition that has made her health much more tenuous than it has been in the past.

Last night we gathered with the Missio Lux Healing Prayer Community to pray for her. Jesus' love was very present, both through the people in the room but also in a tangible way through the Spirit. Our family was praying both here and around the country alongside the team.

We worshipped, read Scriptures, took communion, confessed our fears, doubts and unbelief, and then began to pray for the healing that God loves to do to show off his heart and ability to heal.

We encircled my parents. What a gift to be able to do this! We expressed our love to them, and the honor of praying. We laid hands on her and finished by praying the Lord's Prayer, emphasizing "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Jesus taught us to pray that prayer while he still walked the earth. I am not sure that many of us realize what we are proclaiming when we pray it. If we think about it heaven doesn't have any of the struggles that earth carries. There is no sickness, no death, no isolation or loneliness, no hopelessness, no violence, no unemployment, the list goes on.

Last night was a taste of heaven as we prayed. What a privilege to have a relationship so close to our Creator that we can ask him to move within his creation to restore it to his original intention when he created the earth!

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