Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One More Story about Occidental Square

Saturday Evening we gathered for our monthly Celebration. Our purpose was to follow God's directive to "remember." We know that he wants us to take time to reflect upon our experiences where he shows up and teaches us new things; bringing forth his kingdom from heaven to earth.

We already knew that Easter Celebration at Occidental Square with the people from the east and the west, the north and south was an opportunity for people to gather at the table of the kingdom of God, but we hadn't reflected corporately on our experience. Each one of us has a powerful story to tell and we need to tell them.

So. we did. We heard from men and women, old and young as each described how they personally rubbed up against Jesus found in the man who walked out of the VA hospital that morning without permission, the woman who didn't want to wait in the long line, only to be ushered to the front of the line as the most special guest; the man who thought he was having a stroke and sent his friend to ask for someone to pray for him; the couple who went to find all their possessions bulldozed by the city; the stories continue.

It's holy to stand in those stories. It's a brush with the supernatural realm that opens up our spirits and heals us, bringing us closer to God's true purpose for us.

He gives us life; but it rarely comes through the ways we think. Sunday night we closed the chapter on our last experience at Occidental Square, but the book isn't written fully yet. We are waiting to hear it's time to write the next chapter in the book.

God, when will it be the right time?

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