Friday, May 22, 2009

Missio Lux Divine Appointments

When we begin to understand that God has daily plans for our lives and we begin to see what those "divine appointments" are, amazing things can happen.

The following are just a small sample of ways that God is allowing us in Missio Lux to shine light on the world.

1. Airport Check In:
Our Learning Community Team came to the end our time in South Carolina and was at the airport ready to come home. We ended up checking our bags outside and out of the blue, I said to the man who was checking us in, "You seem peaceful. " He said, "Yes, I am." I asked, "Is there a reason for your peace?" He answered by pointing upward. I said, "Oh, you are a Jesus follower. So are we."

Then, I asked, "How can we bless you today?" He answered, "Oh, I have everything I need because of Jesus." I asked him if we could pray. He was thrilled and said, "Of course." So,we started to pray for Kevin. We prayed for many different areas that God led us to pray. When it was over, he told us that he was supposed to have left 1/2 hour earlier but for some reason, never did! He also told us that he was being promoted and he felt that God had made it happen.

Kevin was African American. This felt very significant for me because I still see many remnants of racism in the South. But, during that kingdom moment, we were uniting over the one we follow: Jesus!

#2. Asking Directions in a Liquor Store:
Two members of healing prayer were going to a healing service but couldn't find the church in which it was being held. So, they went to a liquor store to ask for directions. There was a man there that they asked. They ended up talking and after a time, one of the women asked him, "Is your son a follower of Jesus?" No, he answered. How about your daughter? No.

Then the light went on: "Do you know Jesus?" No, he answered. "Would you like to?" Yes, I would. So, there they prayed, all three together in a liquor store for a man who didn't know he would have a divine encounter with two women filled with so much light that they can't help but let it spillover so it pours onto those who are thirsty to know the one who fills that thirst.

#3. Conversation over Pancakes:
I had a special day set aside with my daugher Heather for her birthday last Saturday. She surprised me by wanting to start off serving at the 1st Seattle Breakfast. So, we found ourselves there and Jesus delighted me by directing me to a conversation with a young man named Tim. He was clean up, articulate and struggling after a recent relapse with sobriety. We had an amazingly connected conversation and during it Jesus began to show me some areas where he needed freedom.

When the timing was right, I asked him if I could pray for him. He said, "Yes!" (I find it very rare that anyone, even people from different faiths, turn down prayer). So, I began to pray. I prayed for the rejection that he had experienced his whole life to be healed. I prayed for his addiction to be broken. I prayed for his isolation to be replaced with a connection with the One who Created him and friendship with people.

When we finished, he looked lighter and his face lit up with a huge smile.

I thought of Tim several times during the next few days, recognizing how much God loved him that he directed my daughter to choose the breakfast to start our day, so he could receive the freedom giving prayer that he desperately desired!

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