Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3DMinistries Learning Community Thoughts

It was quite the week.

We met at the airport at 4:15 a.m., ready to embark on our long journey to South Carolina. Of course, SC is probably the hardest place to get to in the whole country from Seattle. But, it was worth it; both for the delightful summer weather and beautiful ocean beach and the environment of learning that we encountered.

It's so fun to learn in community. It was like anticipating Christmas to meet others who have a vision for living our relationship with Jesus as the church, not as going to church. We met each church and their team, looking forward to how we would mutually impact one another through the next two years.

Our team had never been together as a team before, so we spent the first morning before the Learning Community started getting to know one another better. As we shared how we were shaped, we asked ourselves the question, "Are there spiritual gifts that we don't share because they are the more supernatural gifts?" Good question. As we answered that question, we turned to 1st Corinthians 12-14 where Paul addresses the very same questions with the Corinthians church.

Before we knew it, God led us into some of those gifts; surprising us with them. They came out in order just as Paul describes it being done in his letter. The love that we experienced from our Heavenly Father, as well as to one another, was life changing. It reminded us to not shut down what God wants to do, even if it feels new and a bit strange, because of the blessing we will miss in the process if we do. That morning was definitely one of the highlights for me for the week as we lived into a real divine encounter.

Life in the Learning Community consists of a balance of relationship, teaching, worship and exploration of new possibilities. Mike Breen, the leader of the LC, has an amazing ability of taking hard concepts and making them simple and easy to remember.

I was reminded again of how important it is to be able to replicate the ideas in my own setting. Multiplication is vital in moving forward. A common language is essential. The lifeshapes woven into biblical and practical teaching gives the common language that Missio Lux needs to be able to expand beyond the normal boundaries.

It's vital that the missio communities in Sammamish, WA and South Korea, along with everyone else in between are able to communicate. The Learning Community team committed themselves to learning the lifeshapes and using them in our regular language so that they can begin to multiply and impact everyone in Missio Lux, giving us a great foundation for moving forward.

What questions do you have about the Learning Community and our experience? You can always check out their new website at www.3dministries.com.

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