Thursday, May 14, 2009

3DMinistries Learning Community Thoughts, part 2

I started reflecting on our experience at the Learning Community a couple of days ago.

There is so much to process it may take me a few blogs to get it all.

But, today I want to consider how worship and relationship with Jesus live out practically.

If you think about it, Jesus taught his disciples how to follow him through the regular experiences of life. He didn't take them out of their environment, he spoke to them in their ordinary life. Think about Peter; he told him he would be a fisher of men, but he also helped Peter reel in the biggest catch of his life, as well as a call away from fishing as an occupation. Amazing.

Sometimes when we come together in church we miss how Jesus wove his teachings into our lives. We sit in a row, looking at heads, expecting to get fed....hmm, no wonder it doesn't always integrate into our whole lives.

This is what I love about the Learning Community. We don't spend the whole time in a conference room; we are encouraged to take it into regular life and get to know one another in the ordinary of life. We didn't follow this direction this visit, we sought to work on our project, our assignment, rather than follow the directive to go have fun for a few hours. We ended up frustrated and a bit burned out, rather than accomplishing out goal of relationship and task.

Next time.
It takes time to undo years of patterns that are ingrained into us.

It's not just about our team, however, there are others to invite into relationship. There's the whole 3d team to befriend. There's the other churches that have committed to the Learning Community too! So, I felt relationally challenged at times because I wanted to know everyone at once....but there are many other opportunities for that to happen.

One of the best times at the Learning Community for me was the worship. They always bring a gifted worship leader to help worship starved leaders connect with their loving God at deep levels. The environment of openess for how God moves through his people through the power of Holy Spirit is one that I want to emulate at Missio Lux.

American Christians often get a bit wary of the "supernatural gifts and power of Holy Spirit" and yet this is what makes us special. We carry the power of the living God within us. No conference, teaching, leader, book, resource can replicate what the living person Holy Spirit can do. One of my dreams for Missio Lux is for us to be so comfortable with Holy Spirit and his love and power that we embrace the whole Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and all that each unique person brings to our relationship.

We are impressed to walk in balance, just as we seek to walk in balance balance between knowing God, loving one another in community and seeking to serve the world in missio.

Tonight we are looking to Holy Spirit as healer as we pray for my Mom. She has a serious heart condition that the drs. cannot heal. However, God is the best doctor and as we go to him seeking his heart for my Mom's heart, we anticipate being touched and healed in deep places.I will let you know, but for now, let's take some time to worship and to interact with someone that we love.

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