Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Many are Hungry? Thirsty?

We had the wonderful privilege of having our Sudanese Brother, Arok Garang who lives in Denver, with us for the past few days.

Arok, like John Kher, is helping get the children from his village of Paliu to boarding school. We are partnering with Arok and John in Seeds of Hope to help accomplish this God sized opportunity!

Arok came to the Arbors Missio Community Sunday, as well as the T3Missio Community. As he told his story of having his village burned at age 7 due to war, discovering he had just become an orphan and told to walk to Ethiopia, and then the challenges of being a refugee for most of his childhood, the children in our community had big eyes! They understood that Aroks’ childhood looked very different than the one they are experiencing.

Arok shared stories of the challenge of having only enough food to last for 3 days if they ate enough or 5 days if they really stretched it out—but never enough for all 7 days. He spoke of thirst—he told of needing to drink their urine to stay alive on their treks to Ethiopia and Kenya. He spoke of the Kakuma Refugee Camp and how scarce water was that they weren’t able to bathe regularly.

These stories break our hearts.

We have a hard time imagining life without the basic necessities of food and water. However, the truth is that for much of the world this is their reality. The Wall Street Journal reported recently that one billion people in the world are now going hungry.

One billion—can we even relate to such a huge number?

Missio Lux understands that if everyone does their part; everyone in the world will have what they need to live with basic supplies of food and water. We have committed ourselves to live sacrificially so that we can free up funds to share with those struggling throughout our area and in the global world. Remember that each missio community has 75% of what they give to carry out a missio purpose!

So, what is our part in the next few weeks? There are some specific ways that we can align our lives with God’s heart to serve the poor and suffering. I hope that you will take the time to ask Jesus where he wants you to join in for your part of shining Jesus light to the world through action!

(If you live beyond Seattle, be creative and find some similar activities to participate with so that you can do your part to help hunger and thirst become a thing of the past rather than our present reality of 1 billion people).

Seattle Opportunities:

Carry Five, Saturday afternoon May 30th: an opportunity to experiencing carrying a 5 gallon water jug on your back for five kilometers to help bring water to struggling 3rd world villages. Click on this photo or see
www.missiolux.org for more details on how to join Team Missio Lux. Anyone who wants to gather early can bring a picnic and we eat together.

Feed the Poor and Disenfranchised at 1st Seattle Breakfast, Saturday morning, May 30th: Click on this photo or see www.missiolux.org for details.

Garage Sale for Seeds of Hope, Saturday, May 30th: Click on this photo or see
www.missiolux.org for details.

June Celebration, Sunday evening, June 7th: Come ready to party and work! We are going to assemble 8,000 nutritional meals with Children of the Nations (COTNI). Our food will be shipped to Sierra Leone. Missio Lux is providing the funds to pay for the meals; a total cost of $2,000 as each meal only costs 25 cents each.

Our hope is that we can multiply our experience as we take them into our neighborhoods, work place, families and friends.
This way we are extending our part in helping feed a hungry world. Invite those in your life that you would like to partner with to host a COTNI food assembly to come and experience the fun of doing our part to help serve our global neighbors. See www.missiolux.org or click on the photo link for more details on how to participate!

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