Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Missio Lux Multiplies

One of the most amazing things about the structure of Missio Lux is that it is not bound by geography. It has the ability to pop up anywhere because it is moved through grass roots, it is simple, inexpensive to start and easy to maintain! It also has the power and potential to change the world as people live into their purpose God created within them.

A few years ago, I got a picture of God blowing a dried dandelion. He held the bulb of seeds and blew it so the seeds went everywhere. I believe this was a picture for the future of Missio Lux. The seeds don't fall in uniform fashion, they fall randomly and even blow away to far away places.

Last week I was in Denver, and the seeds are falling! Many people are interested in starting a Missio Community with different missio focuses. The response of 90 people coming to hear Arok Garang talk about Seeds of Hope helped to create seeds of hope in me that God was at work and will bring forth his desired purposes for his precious Sudanese children.

I met with another woman who has a dream for seeing women being able to minister in their gifts and calling,but she understands how difficult it is to to get an official minstry position in a church. She sees the potential of Missio Communities opening wide the door for the kingdom to expand.

Another person has a dream of starting a missio community in Canada. She's arranging to have the training during Christmas vacation when a member of our training team goes to celebrate Christmas at her house!

I met with someone before I left for Thanksgiving who dreams of starting a missio community with art as their healing focus.

The possibilities are endless! My expectation for the amazing way that God is working only grows as the seeds are planted each and every day.....

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