Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seeds of Hope in Denver

Last night it became clear that the timing of God's purpose for the Lost Boys is now!
We held an event in Denver to introduce our Sudanese brother, Arok Garang, the second Lost boy to help the village of Palliu to get their children to school.

Arok lives in Denver. He came here straight from the Kakuma Refugee Camp in 2001. He is very intelligent and articulate. He graduated from Colorado University in May of 2008 with a degree of economics. He hopes to get a masters degree in agriculture so that he can go back to his village with skills that will help rebuild that which was decimated in the late 80's from the Janjiweed, and forced him with 15,000 to trek through Africa for over 1,000 miles.

His story must be told that so that hearts and people are moved with compassion to come alongside Arok and help fund the education of the approximately 80 kids from he and John Kher's village.

We expected about 35 people to show up. But The Hub, a local newspaper, did an article on John and the church we held it told us that people had been calling for the past two days saying they wanted to attend. Unbelievably, the room filled up with 90 People! They all came, eager to hear Arok's story and many took next steps. They gave money, they committed to join the Denver Seeds of Hope Missio Community, they offered to connect Arok to their sphere's of influence, and they offered their services which were varied and significant.

It was really overwhelming, and yet I knew, that just as Jesus had a specific time to come to earth, God hidden as a baby, John and Arok and the other Lost Boys, have almost been hidden until NOW! Now, is the is when God says go! It's time to get those kids to school, rather than languishing in a forsaken, desolute village, wondering when they will get to eat next.

My dream is to see one village after another rebuilt with Sudanese people, the very ones that have suffered beyond any suffering I can imagine, because they are the solution and they are the ones that God has appointed for such a time as this.

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