Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Missio Lux Divine Appt

This is a great story of how God works in Missio Lux: (written by a seminary student in Missio Lux)

"I had the weirdest experience this morning. I was dead tired because I was up until 2am working on my paper/test - I dropped the kids off at school and hadn't eaten, done my hair or makeup but I felt strongly I should go anyway to the Outlet Mall in North Bend to the Children's Place Store- for some weird reason.

When I got there I was so excited because Dave's Group at work adopted a family for Christmas and the nine year old only wanted pants and a shirt for Christmas -- and Children's Place had TONS of cute stuff for under $2.99 -pants, tops, skorts, shoes- Some stuff was 99cents. (Yes, it was one of those divine shopping moments - ah.) So for less than a pair of pants and top I had so much fun buying this little girl a whole new wardrobe- shoes and all.

But here is the good part - when I was buying it the lady working there said that she thinks her kids would benefit from serving others and she wishes she could take them to a soup kitchen. I told her about Compass Center on the 20th and she said they are definitely coming. She has five kids - oldest in High School. Turns out they live in Fall City."

Fall City is where one of our Missio Communities are starting. The dream is to come alongside the food bank and serve a breakfast a couple of times a month for those who come to the foodbank, this way, it can go beyond physical food to the nourishment of emotional connection and friendship.

People are starving for ways to live beyond themselves, and God is busy bringing about his purposes of sharing his love with the people he delighted to create! His ways are mysterious but never boring!

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