Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who Defines Us?

One of the greatest challenges for a Jesus follower is to maintain the truth about our identity.
How many times a day do we hear a message through media, our employers, those around us, or our own self talk that seeks to define us?
The messages can at times be positive, but just as often, they are negative and can begin to lead us into paths that are at cross purposes for God’s plans for us.

God’s plan for us was magnificent! He created us in his image so we could share in bringing forth his plans and purposes for the earth.

Listen to some of the ways that God speaks to our Identity:

You are God’s beloved child
You are loved perfectly by your Heavenly Father
You are Jesus’ friend
You are salt and light in the world
You are member of the Body of Christ
You are created in the Image of God
You are free forever from condemnation
You are chosen and appointed to bear fruit
You are given access to the throne of Grace to receive mercy and find grace
You are adopted into God’s family
You are given freedom to approach God with freedom and confidence
You are set free by the sacrifice of the Lamb
You are a Jar of Clay holding the Living Water
You are the temple of the Holy Spirit
You are seated with Christ in the Heavenly Realms
You cannot be separated by the Love of God

Take some time each day to meditate on the reality of Who God says YOU ARE!
When we follow his instructions to “do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” it is much easier to go through the day being connected to the One who loves us dearly and to step into his specific purpose for our lives.

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