Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Gift of Wasting Time

Today it's snowing in Seattle!

This only happens once or twice per year, but it is extra special today because we are so close to Christmas. The timing is even better because today is my scheduled monthly prayer day. My daughter Bonnie had gotten up to go to her job as a nanny, but she was given the day off so we had the rare gift of "wasting time."

It is a gift to waste time in our culture. We are so scheduled and feel pressed up against the edge so often that when I have a chance to just watste time, it's like drinking from the best artisian spring!

What are some things I did today to waste time?

I watched my Bernese Mountain Dog who was created to pull sleds through snow frolic in the snow!
I savored the newspaper and finished the daily Suduko.
I hung out with Bonnie and looked at the pictures she is choosing for a book she is creating.
I kept looking out the window, watching the flakes come down!
I listened to the Josh Groban Christmas album.
I am blogging.....about "the gift of wasting time!"

I hope that today or at least some point before Christmas you give yourself the "gift of wasting time." It can help renew us faster than a speeding bullet.....

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you finally finished a Sudoku! I hope your wasting time was free of interuptions. Lots of interuptions here - but nice ones. Like where are my boots, making cookies and playing some crazy made up game with no end combining War, Go Fish, Backgammon and Cribbage - Called "Bon Voyage." -LB