Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend filled with Light

Missio Lux had a big weekend, and as I reflected on it, I realized that we lived up to our name, "Mission of Light."

We stepped into some hard places, but as we did, we invited Jesus to come and declare that the Kingdom of God has come, and in it, we can replace love for hatred, joy for despair and hope for hopefulness.

We started out Friday night attending the Human Trafficking film, "Call and Response." As I mentioned earlier, it wasn't easy to watch, the subject brings pain, despair and hopelessness to the surface. But, as we dialogued after the movie, and as we bring our prayers and our action to this large area, we are inviting Jesus to come and bring forth his ways, instead of the evil that exudes from every area of human trafficking.

Our dream is to have at least one Missio Community form from our highlighting of this issue.

God's plan is to partner with the Church to bring forth his purposes. Who can think of a better way to partner with God than to see human trafficking eradicated in our live time?

Sunday we gathered at Occidental Square to bring Jesus' presence to the poor and disenfranchised of Seattle. We were much more prepared this time, and instead of one BBQ, we brought several camping stoves to heat up lovingly pre-prepared spaghetti. We were able to serve 100's in just over 2 hours.

We also brought music, the international language of hope. We brought prayer, a pathway to experiencing God's love and healing. We brought clothes, boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes; enough to fill an entire area.

It was thrilling to watch the community come forth for their meal and then pick out the clothing items they needed. It was even more thrilling to experience their joy in the offerings.

There are so many stories that I am going to write about them for a few days~as I savor the amazing oppportunity to shine Christ's light into the dark places of our city!

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