Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meeting Mike Breen

Last week I was invited to a pastor's gathering with Mike Breen from www.3dministries.com

Mike came to Seattle last Spring and Missio Lux was able to spend an afternoon with him. He helped us immensely with believing that our dreams can be accomplished through the missio community model. His story is one of remarkable circumstances.

He was called to a small church parish in Sheffield, England, when the government officials shut down the local night club. When that happened, when the darkness was shut out, the light was able to shine brilliantly and people starting get saved right and left. Within 6 months, 500 new believers were added to God's family and the small church in Sheffield.

Amazingly, the nightclub became their church meeting place. They were growing rapidly in numbers and spiritual growth when Mike heard the Lord whisper, "What will you do if you can't meet in the nightclub anymore?"

Within a month, they found out that the nightclub was a fire hazard and was filled with asbestos. The fire department was shutting them down.

So, they did what any bright Jesus follower would do: they created missio communities! These were so successful that they began to have Celebrations with several of the communities, up to 5 per weekend.

Now, Mike Breen travels the world helping others get the vision of how we can go smaller to become bigger: bigger in mission, in heart, in community and in celebration. We can make an impact in the world through any community whose heart beats for Jesus and responds to his direction to live and serve the world.

I heard two things from Mike last week: first, that as a woman planter in the US, I have a hard calling--(I already knew that, but it is always good to get it confirmed~) but, secondly, that 30 church planters went to Europe and are seeing the Spirit of God move rapidly to raise up Missional Communities: up to 500 in 2 years!

Europe is further along on the post Christian spectrum than the US, but we are well on our way. I believe this election has helped increase our move toward the post, but it doesn't alarm me, it excited me because in this huge period of disequalibrium: financially, politically, socially, God comes to save.

It kind of reminds me of when Jesus slipped onto the earth, almost entirely unnoticed....except for the huge heavenly party that the shepherds were invited to attend.

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