Monday, October 13, 2008

A Golden Moment

It was quite the week last week, wasn't it?

Every day the news seemed to get more grim over the economy. It doesn't help that our country is entering into a presidential election; one that has the world on the edge of their seat.

In these uneven days, I find it helpful to look for those "golden moments" when God and his ways stand out bigger than the chaos all around us. Bill, Bonnie and I had one on Saturday when we went to the Farmer's Market, the last for the season.

It became our weekly event together this summer. Bonnie is home for this transitional year as she awaits midwifery school in Australia next July. Every Saturday we would meet at the market, and enjoy the smells, sounds and sights of people gathering from across Washington and the local community coming together to support the local farmers.

We were always delighted to look at all the beautiful flower bouquets, and would look at all of them until we found just the perfect one for the week. We admired the fruits and vegtables, and the homemade items of different vendors. Bill likes to go off and find the perfect pastry!

So, it was with some sadness that we went this past Saturday. It is the last one for the season. But, when we got there, just in time because is was the last hour of the market, we were happy to see the number of people still present and all the vendors making their last sale until next Spring.

The weather was a perfect fall day, the leaves are turning and the crisp coolness was in the air (but no rain!). We got some BBQ, and went to the picnic table, listening to a young boy and his Mom playtheir violins, trying to make this moment last as long as we could because when we hit Monday, we all go our separate ways!

But, I've been reflecting on the reality that God gives us these golden moments so that we can walk differently than the rest of the world through times of stress and crisis. We can walk in faith, recognizing that even if we lose our whole bank account, not all is lost because this earth is not our final destination. We are strangers passing through.

But, as we spend time with one another, connecting at these special points of life, we are breathing life into our spirits, and inviting the world to live differently too!

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