Thursday, October 9, 2008

More about MIssio Lux Launching

I have some perspective now. The first 24 hours after a major event such as Launching Missio Lux is like crashing down to earth in a rocket. I was in atmospheric shock!

It's always interesting to me how the supernatural and the natural connect together. Our launch was an event in the natural realm, and included plenty of earthly items to take care of: signs, brochures, greeters, formation of the service, childcare workers!

But, in the days leading up to the Launch I also felt the Lord speaking to me about a much greater significance than how the service flowed or how many people attended, and that is what took place in the spiritual realm.

Whenever a people of God takes a giant step forward in following God's call, there is great movement in the spiritual realm. When sin entered the world, Satan was given the title: "The God of this World." Jesus came to redeem the world, however, and since his resurrection, we entered into a new age: the age of the Kingdom of God! Jesus authority was re-established and everytime we take a bold step in faith, Satan's territory is diminished and God's territory is expanded.

The Lord has taken me back to Joshua over and over, ever since the early days of my call to Missio Lux. In those days, it was more about the strength and courage that God gave to Joshua, but lately, the section that calls me back over and over, is about entering into the Promised Land. Joshua had the courage to see God over the giants, and he knew that if the Israelites took the bold step of faith, they would truly reap the benefits of their obedience.

Joshua was able to see what others missed because he knew God's character. He spent time in God's presence over everything in his life. And, it paid off. He was the one chosen to take the Israelites across the Jordan River into their new land.

I spoke to Missio Lux about Joshua and his passion for God at the Launch. I also spoke to them about their opportunity to cross over the river into the very land that God intends for them to have. Of course, since we don't plan to own buildings, this isn't physical land, but the call and the unique opportunities that God designed just for them.

Each Missio Community has land just waiting for them. They are being specifically called together so that God can carry about his purpose of establishing them in their land, and in the meantime, giving them the same opportunity that he gave to the Israelites: "You are blessed to be a blessing to the world."

I believe that those who participated Sunday night at the Launch took a bold step of moving into the river. Now, we get to wait to see how the waters will part so that we can fully occupy the land that God intends for his people.

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Matt said...

Hey Tamara,
I have been reading the first chapters of Joshua lately as well. It's so appropriate to what we're both doing right now.

May the river part for you!