Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Occidental Park in October

Everyone is buying up spaggetti, hamburger and tomatoe sauce in preparation for our Celebration at Occidental Park on Sunday. We plan to serve approximately 800 of Seattle's poor and disenfranchised. Several bands are coming to play to lift everyone's spirits, and we are ready to pray for healing and needs with all who desire prayer.

This is being done in the direct opposite spirit of our city and the current mayor. I have blogged earlier about "Nicklesville," the tent city that is trying to find a place to call home. They have been arrested and moved, their tents and permanent structures have been bullldozed, their story doesn't even make the papers anymore as everyone is consumed with keeping their bank accounts afloat.

But, as I read Eugene Cho's blog, I read about one couple who has a powerful story to tell about being homeless. This is the reality for married couples: there are no shelters for them to go as a couple. He may find a bed, and she may find a bed, but they won't find beds together.

Can you imagine not being able to go to bed at night with your spouse? It's something that most married couples totally take for granted, not realizing that if we hit some unfortunate circumstance, we may find ourselves just like this couple.

This life was never meant to be lived alone. Jesus came to teach us the way of community. He invites us to his table to feast with him. This is the posture to which we will be going to Occidental Park on Sunday; an invitation to feast at the table with Jesus.

We won't be feasting alone either. We have invited kingdom ministries to partner with us: so that we can be the Body of Christ reaching out together, setting an example of unity that the world can observe and desire themselves.

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