Thursday, October 2, 2008

Divine Appointment at Phantom of the Opera

Sally loves Phantom of the Opera. She spoke about her excitement of having tickets to go for several weeks leading up to the date. But, something even greater took place when Sally and her daughter Chloe went to the theater.

They met a homeless man named Richard. He apparently has "lived" in the Paramount parking lot for years. A man who works there named Joe has befriended Richard and has a heart for others like him.

Sally and Chloe struck up a conversation with Richard and Joe came out. Sally was telling them about Missio Lux and Joe said, "We don't have to go to a building to have church, we are being the church right here, right now."

Then, Richard got his Bible out and started sharing about how God always provides for him, and so the four of them had a conversation with one another but also received a touch from God as he joined their conversation.

Joe offered Sally and Chloe free tickets to Paramount events, but what Sally wants even more is to have a conversation with Joe to explore how a Missio Community could be formed with homeless people.

I haven't mentioned yet that Chloe has had a big desire for years, she's 11, to do ministry with the homeless. She is getting the desire of her heart with Missio Lux as she has had many opportunities in the past several months to get to know several homeless people, who have become friends to her.

This is Jesus' lifestyle in action. It is seeing an adolescent grow her passion at an age where it can truly stick if is real and continues to happen on a regular basis.

Another divine appointment. God keeps showing up when we look for him.

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