Friday, October 24, 2008

Mission of LIght to Occidental Park, part 3

This is hands down the best story of Occidental Park.

As I was praying the morning of the outreach, I felt like the Lord wanted a couple of us to go to the four corners of the park, plead the blood of Jesus over the entire area, and claim that the Square was off limits to the enemy. We did it first of all, and then got busy setting up.

Well, the Lord guided us well.

A man came through the line for food. His name was David. He was wearing a long, blue robe and had black fingernails. Other than that, he looked pretty normal. But, Scot ended up talking to David later, and found out that he was a devoted Satan worshipper that was there to win souls for the enemy.

Scot was a bit unnerved by their conversation, so we prayed and asked the Lord to bring David into his family that day. We prayed that David would "see the light!"

Some Russian evangelists were also present at the Outreach, and Tony gave an invitation. Amazingly, David came forward. He was crying. I stepped in front of him to pray for him, and I saw his pentegram necklace. I asked him to take it off. He did, and I put it in the trash. After the invitation was over, we were praying for him some more, and without being asked, he took off his robe. The robe went in the trash. He spent about an hour conversing with Scot, and it was then that he took off his final identification with Satan, his ring.

He kept saying, "I am in shock." He told us later that he thought that he would die when he came forward, that the enemy would kill him for his betrayal. Instead, he experienced the transformational love of Jesus, and stepped into the promise of "eternal life."

Scot and I met with David the next day. He told us then that when he came onto the Square, he didn't have his powers. He couldn't summon them up. He saw that he had an opportunity to go forward to Jesus, a window, and he moved in that window.

Why was this time different?

Jesus had us claim this territory for his purposes. The enemy can not penetrate when Jesus' followers declare that only the Lord's will is carried out. The Lord's Prayer calls heaven to earth when we pray, "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." When we call forth heaven to earth, we are proclaiming the Kingdom of God is here. And, when we move in the kingdom of God, no one is too far from Jesus.

Just ask David.

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Muffie said...

It's clear God had something to accomplish that day and many were called to participate. Along with Tamara, I've spoken with several others who were also lead to pray for protection on the square and so as we obeyed and showed up full of expectation, God did not disappoint us!!! After being able to participate in prayer that day for my new brother David, I came away realizing that this is truly what the christian life is all about. Nothing can be more important and I've now experienced why angels rejoice when one person gives their life to Christ (Luke 15:10) - I've been rejoicing for days!!! God definitely has some wonderous things to accomplish and we are all called to participate, so I can't wait to see what God has in store for us who come obediently, expecting something miraculous...