Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Preparing for Occidental Sqaure on Easter

Missio Lux is gearing up for our Easter Celebration on Occidental Square.

Yesterday Susie and I and her young son took a trip to Pioneer Square to pass out and post flyers about our Banquet! We had a great time. We met people at all the shelters and invited them to come.

Some of them were excited because they have come on previous years. We met Jeff at the Square. Jeff works for the city and runs the information booth. We ended up talking for quite awhile as he threw a giant frisbee to Connor, Susie's son!
We met Michael who was new in town, and is looking forward to come. He kept calling Susie, Susie Q!

We visited Jay Boone's Emerald City Guitar, one of our favorite Kingdom Partners. Jay is the leader of the band, Rag Band, that plays for Celebrate Recovery each Monday night. His presence in Pioneer Square is one of great light as Jay is very on fire for Jesus.

We stopped by one of our friend's Bread of Life Mission and met with Mark, the Development Director. We ended up praying together for God to open more visits to Occidental Square as their request for a permit to host a party on the Square was turned down.

When it was time to leave, we all piled in the car, with an expectancy for what God is planning to do in just one more week!

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