Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Occidental Square, Part 4

His name was Ernie.  I met him while we were setting up.  He was a large African American man with a smile a mile wide!  He couldn't stop talking about how much he loved Jesus.

He told me that he had been in the Union Gospel's discipleship program where for one full year they studied the Bible.  He was so pleased that he had this mentoring and that he had a solid foundation to live his life from.  His passion for the Bible was evident, and the hunger he had to know God better made him a person that was so life giving for me to converse with.

I sometimes wonder, does having very little in life free us up to pursue Jesus? 

I observe that a lot of times our need to take care of our stuff:  our houses, our cars, our lawns, and even our families can get in the way of being completely free to follow the way of Jesus.  This is one of the reasons that I love the poor so much:  they see the blessings in the small things and they help me to remember what is important.

Thank you, Ernie, you blessed me.  Happy Easter, He is Risen!

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