Sunday, April 24, 2011

Occidental Square: Part 1

Today Missio Lux went to Occidental Square for our third Easter Celebration.  As our family sat eating our traditional "He is Risen Bread" for breakfast, the rain began to drizzle down.  I sighed.  After such a gorgeous day yesterday, I didn't look forward to being a wet duck at the Square for our celebration.

We got in the car to drive down. The rain got harder and harder and harder.  Pretty soon, it was challenging to see out my windows.  I began to call to the rain to stop and to make room for the sun to come through.  When we got to Occidental, the rain had let up quite a bit.  As we set up, it almost completely stopped.

And, the minute that we started:  1 p.m., the sun burst through and stayed warm and sunny for the whole afternoon.

This weather report is just a glimmer of what took place at the Square today.  I hope you will stay tuned each day this week as I tell a few of the stories of how God was present to every one of us that were present with him at Occidental Square.

Stay tuned and sleep well!

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