Monday, April 25, 2011

Occidental Square, Part 2

His name is Vince (on the left).  He stumbled onto Occidental Square because he was looking for an AA meeting.  When he got to it, it wasn't meeting.  He made his way to Occidental Square accidentaly only to discover The Celebration!

He started talking to Dan, who brought him to me.  We both listened as he shared his story.  His mother started giving him drugs when he was 13.  He would wake up only to find her ready to give him a shot of cocaine.  He never knew his father. 

He ended up in prison.  Numerous times.  His last stint was for 6 1/2 years.  He continues to be addicted to drugs and alcohol but he is desperate to get off of them.  He was looking for bus money to go to the rehab place that Harborview Medical is sending him to. 

Dan offered to take him to the rehab, but before he left, I told Vince the story of the Compassionate Father.  This is the same father who waited on his porch day after day for his prodigal son to come home.  His son that he had sinned far too much for his father to continue to love him, so he had a speech prepared, "Father, I have sinned against heaven and earth.  I am no longer worthy to be called your son, but perhaps I could join your servants."  But, this father would not even listen to one word.  He called for the best coat in the house, for shoes to cover his feet, and a ring to signify whom he belonged to.  The father said, "We need to celebrate because my son has come home."

When Vince heard that this is the same father that had thrown him a party, at Occidental Square, he began to weep.  Don't you see it?  He ended up on the Square by "accident."  Instead of an ordinary day, it was a big party where he was given a warm meal, treated with honor, listened to, ministered to, prayed for and given communion.  This is the father that loves all his children and wants them to know how much.

Vince said that he cries out to God every day looking for someone to help him. Today, he experienced the loving heart of his heavenly father and the tender mercies of the King!

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Joanne said...

God is so merciful and so good!