Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's All About Relationships, Part 4

I floated home tonight from the Healing Prayer Service. No, it isn't because of the 97 degree heat; it's because Jesus met us tonight in a profoundly moving way.

We were able to pray for a couple at the Healing Conference last month. Ken had a stroke on their one year anniversary and has been completely paralyzed for 24 years. Cheryl, his wife, was 22 years old at the time. They called and asked to come and give their testimony at the prayer service because of the magnificent healing they received at the conference when our team prayed for them.

Ken, who is unable to speak, wrote a moving testimony that his father-in-law stood up and read for him. Cheryl kept wiping his eyes because he was crying while it was read. They weren't tears of sadness, however, they were tears over how Jesus had met him and changed his entire life.

Cheryl was very honest about where she was at the 5 year mark of Ken's stroke. She was so DONE. She was angry and she disdained her paralytic husband. But, she asked Jesus to give her love for him, and in an instant, she fell madly in love with her husband, seeing him as handsome, strong, and even the smell of him made her practically faint with love. She knew at that moment that Jesus had given her his own love for Ken and she has lived with that love ever since.

She said that if everyone loved like she loves Ken, divorce would totally disappear.
Imagine this. A woman who hasn't had children because they were unable due to Ken's stroke. She lost her house because he lost his income. She had to move in with her parents. They lived in the family room, separated by a sheet. In this world, she had nothing.

But, in God's economy, she was given everything.

She has an overflowing of God's love for her husband that continues 24 years later.
Tears fell freely from everyone's eyes as they saw the spiritual giants that stood before them, and heard their deeply moving testimony. Cheryl now goes and prays for others to be healed and guess what? They are getting healed!

They fully believe that Ken will walk again. They know because the Lord has given them a deep sense of knowing. As we prayed for Ken tonight, I remembered Jesus, how the faith of the paralytics friends caused them to rip a roof apart because they wanted their friend healed that much. We tore the roof apart tonight too, as we desire for the miracle you promised to come forth!

It's all about relationship with you and one another. I was profoundly impacted by Cheryl's story and how you so completely and dramatically changed her heart. That's my new prayer for those that I pray for; Lord Jesus, give us your heart for this person: our spouse, our child, our neighbor, our boss, our co-worker......anyone you bring into our path!

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