Friday, July 10, 2009

"And the Lame Shall Walk"

The Healing Prayer Missio Community went to a prayer conference a couple of weeks ago with Global Awakening. The reports of healings taking place around the world are just extraodinary. Ordinary people are praying for healing and the blind are seeing, the deaf are hearing and the lame are walking. In the process, hundreds of salvations also take place as people see the power of God rising up within their midst.

But, what about the US? Is healing taking place here?

One of the first things we did at the conference was wait on God for a "word of knowledge." If he gave us a picture, a feeling in our body, a written word in our mind, a thought, a vision or a dream, we were to go to the front and give our "word of knowledge." About 50 of us did. What happened next was amazing. When we spoke what we got, people stood up if they had that ailment. Then we came together and prayed. Many people got healed. The teaching that the leaders gave was that if God shows it to a person as a "word of knowledge" it is his stamp that he intends to heal it!

Much of the conference was designed for the attendees to pray for others to be healed. There were several present in wheelchairs. One couple had a story that takes one's breath away.

On their one year anniversary, the husband had a stroke. He has been unable to move anything beneath his mouth for 24 years. His wife is his main caregiver. Many of our team spent all their prayer time praying for this couple. The first night that they prayed, he was able to move one hand, one arm, one leg was kicking away and his mouth was able to move at will. He was able to kiss his wife! This motivated our team and they kept praying; staying for hours after the conference actually finished.

This is the very exciting part! His pastor, not knowing that they had attended the conference, had a dream: a "word of knowledge." In this dream, the lame man was totally set free and was walking all around, completely healed. The couple is already proclaiming healing and looking forward to the day when he will be completely free. In the meantime, they have a strengthened faith, new hope, and a closer relationship with one another.

Healings are taking place in the US and they will increase. This is God showing us his love and power and that he is the ONE TRUE GOD!

We have a testimony every month at our healing prayer service. Guess who called and asked to give their testimony? The couple. I can't wait to hear it and to have my own faith strengthened through their experience. If you are in Seattle, we meet the fourth Tuesday at 7 p.m., July 28th this month, at the PL Sanctuary, 1715 228th Ave, Sammamish, 98074.

If you are out of town, wish you could join us, but look forward to my blog after it happens.

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