Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dropping my "To Do List"

I blogged a challenge yesterday to "drop our to do lists."

My day changed unexpectantly and when it did, the switch I needed to make didn't work for my energy level. I found myself longing to go to the lake to bask in the sun and to be by the water.

So, I took my own advice. I went to the lake and found so many gifts along the way: my daughter came for a bit and we had a wonderful conversation, I feel asleep reading a book, and when I awoke, my friend was taking out his boat and invited me into the party. So, I found myself doing the things I love to do, some of the very things that revive my energy.

I drove away knowing that God had given me these gifts because he is teaching me to follow his rhythm and to enjoy the good things he has put into my life.

Did I still have the same things to do when I got home?

I did, but suddenly I found new energy to tackle them. The time of abiding/fun/rest gave me the fresh momentum to get them done. Almost. I hit another wall after a couple of hours, so I just stopped.

I am learning to go when my energy level says go. To move in the areas where my energy and momentum lie, and to stop when it's time. This is a new place for me and I am loving it.

How about you? What's happening as you learn to live Jesus' rhythm of abide and bear fruit, abide/bear fruit/abide!

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Thompson Family News Update! said...

Hi! I am that 'friend across the lake'! I am the one who learned this past week what true community is in relationship, and thowing away my "To Do List"! In doing so, I remember each face, each name, each heart, each passion, each vision and longing to join in the throng of angels and the Lord Jesus Christ in being His greatest lover and cheerleader, encourager, doing the 'wave' in the heavenly grandstands, to YOU the one He loves, the one who beats with His heartbeat for those He loves!

Thank you my new friends! I have fallen in love with you all and truly understand why He call you "His Beloved"! What an honor to meet you and thrill of a lifetime to know you and share together. I love you dearly, Annie