Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doing Life Together

Okay, sometimes I underestimate things. Such as giving my husband a surprise party for his birthday and thinking that I could do all the cooking for 25people in just four mere hours.

But, God loves this about me. He knows that my faith includes moving mountains for obstacles and so he comes alongside me in my overestimation of reality!

This is my story of how one woman listened to me say a quick sentence about a surprise party for my husband and took note that I would need help.

She called me that morning and offered to come and spend some time helping prepare for the party; even though she was having guests over that night herself.

I was delighted because I HATE to cook alone and I was beginning to discover that there was no way that I was going to pull this feat off myself--no matter how much I multi-task!

So, my dear friend, came over and worked circles around me. She anticipated my every need and met it before I could get there. She taught me little cooking tricks along the way. She helped to make floral arrangements and even brought me Mexican memorbilia to help decorate.

Rosemary was God's gift to me that day. He gave me his help through his faithful friend Rosemary. She responded to his call for her to come and did it happily and with great love!

Everything came together with at least 3 minutes to spare!

The party guests came and waited for Bill to show up. He was absolutely flabberghasted when he opened the door to a huge number of people yelling SURPRISE!

I was delighted that we pulled the surprise off; but I am also grateful that God surprised me with a gift too: the gift of Rosemary!

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