Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's All About Relationships, Part 2

My good friend from Denver just left. She was here for four days; she came to experience Missio Lux because she recognized that her heart was longing for something deep that was not being fulfilled in her weekly church attendance.

I put together a weekend that allowed my friend to experience many different aspects of Missio Lux:

We met with Keith; a very kingdom minded leader whose deep desire is to see the Latino community of Seattle united and elevated.

We met with Scot, the co-owner of Adventure Teaching (www.adventureteaching.com) that brings teachers to South Korea and then gives them opportunity to be part of a Missio Lux Missio Community.

We hung out with Valerie, a mutual friend who has the amazing gift of finding her way into unique places to pray: we were ushered up the Space Needle at 7 a.m. and given the invitation to stay as long as we wanted.

We had a leisurely dinner with our Huddle Catalysts and ended up in an amazing prayer time for one another.

We had lunch with the Missio Lux Prayer Team and ended up experiencing kingdom breakthrough prayer for one another.

Right after that, we hosted 25 children and 25 adults in our home for the "Children of the Nations Party with a Purpose" (see last blog) and were able to pay for and assemble almost 4,000 meals as we served the world but also the families around us by modeling a lifestyle of service.

We met with various Missio Lux leaders; always coming to a place of deep relationship and prayer by the time we parted.

Last night we had dinner with the Missio Lux Healing Prayer Missio Community and then worshipped and prayed for one another.

No one wanted it to end, especially my friend as she stated over and over, "This is what I have been seeking. It's so simple but so profound. It's all about relationship."

I realized as I was driving home from the airport that God is doing something significant in how we will grow: it comes from relationship and a desire to be together; whether it is in Seattle, South Korea or even Denver.

What is God going to surprise us with next?

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