Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Matter

It's easy to feel anonymous in the 21st century.

We get that message almost all day long as everything has become so automated that it is easy to miss the personal contact as we go through our day; to have a casual conversation with someone that crosses our path that gives us something to smile about through the rest of the day.

It's easy to feel anonymous in church too.

The mega-church model makes it easy to go and experience an excellent worship with all the bells and whistles, hear a top notch sermon from a well trained speaker, and to leave not talking to a soul because no one knows who you are. In fact, not being known makes it easy for people to move from one church to another because of the latest sermon topic or program made available.

All the while, we continue to be anonymous. Missio Lux will never have the state of the art worship equipment or a perfect service because our priority is to remember....that we matter. As we spend time with our Missio Community, we know we matter because we are in a place where we feel safe, valued and loved. We can be ourselves and recognize that doing life with others that we care about can be significantly more rewarding than a high tech worship service.

The thing is that if we don't show up for our community, it matters. The body isn't complete because everyone matters. We are missed. There's a hole, and it creates loss because Paul says that the body needs every part represented or it doesn't work to it's fullest potential.

This is how God designed us as people. He created us with a hole in our spirit that isn't complete until we connect with our Creator. He wants us to know as we walk through every day that every part of our life matters to him.

I love Psalm 139 because it speaks of how we matter to God. He is the One who creates us and then knows all about our day because we matter so much to him. Ps 139:17-18 says "How precious to me are your thoughts, Oh God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand."

God thinks about us all day long. He doesn't put us on an automated message when we call; he bends down and comes and lives life with us.
We are not alone. We matter.

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