Friday, November 14, 2008

Human Trafficking--Prayer First!

Tonight at 7 p.m. Missio Lux is starting a 24 hour prayer vigil for Human Trafficking.

Individuals have committed themselves to pray for one hour each so that we have constant prayer being lifted to heaven for 24 straight hours.

Everything about human trafficking goes against how God created the universe and humanity. He created a world where people lived in peace with one another, God and the environment. Respect was always present, equality was the norm. God created Adam and Eve to be companions, nothing about their relationship involved hierarchy.

So, it totally goes against God's purposes for humanity when one person owns another. If it is prostitution, or child labor, or immigrant workers, all of it involves one person having ultimate control over another.

Prayer helps break down the strongholds that exist in human trafficking. Prayer can do the work to eradicate a brothel; it can free children that have been sold for food. Prayer can raise up abolitionists to work to eradicate the vast injustice of slavery. Prayer can change an entire country's mind and law about slavery.

Wilbur Wilberforce understood the spiritual principals involved to breakdown slavery. He brought people of different sphere's together: the government, business, education, family, the arts around his dining room table to inform and discuss the perils of slavery; to recognize the darkness it brought to their country.

He eventually gathered people from all different spheres together and got the king to read an edict stating that England was a Christian country. Within just a short time, slavery was voted to become illegal in their government.

How did this happen without a Civil War? Prayer. Strategic action. The heart of one man determined that there was something that he could do to make a difference.

This evening, through the night, and tomorrow, we will believe the same. We will believe that as we lift our prayers to the heavenly realm and recognize that Jesus meant it when he said that "he did not come to condemn the world, but that the world would be saved by him," that dents will be made in human trafficking, and that our dream of seeing it eradicated in our lifetime is realistic. The God who made the Universe just waits to partner with us to bring his Kingdom to earth.

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