Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Human Trafficking--Prayer First, part 2

All through the day on Friday, I continued to get emails saying, "I will take this time period if it is still open." Amazingly, everyone chose a different time until all of the opportunities to pray were filled. I knew at that point that God had a plan for our prayers and he would direct us very specifically as we prayed.

I signed up to pray at 4 a.m. This is an hour that seems very important between God and I. I often get to pray, being very thrilled by the ability to connect with God so easily. (I guess the distractions are at a very bare minimum, except for an occasional struggle to stay awake).

I was amazed at how easily I could move into prayer and pray alongside the Spirit's direction. The hour absolutely flew by so that I could hardly believe that my time was up. I was led very specifically to pray for the traffickers; that they would be convicted of their evil work and be led to a place of sorrow and into a relationship with Jesus. I was also led to pray that brothels were shut down in various places around the world. As I prayed, my faith grew in God's ability to do this as he partnered with people who pray!

I'd love to hear from others who prayed.
How did God lead you?
Was it a struggle to make it through your time period?
Did you sense a specific area for prayer that God will bring to you over and over until it is accomplished?

I know that as we put prayer first, God will use Missio Lux to shine light into very dark places in the world of slavery. May the world be much brighter in the days and years to come.

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dave said...

As my time came to pray over human trafficking, what immediately struck me was the time - it was the midnight hour. I was twenty-five hundred miles away from home, yet it did not matter. The darkness of bondage would have to yield to the coming of dawn. I sensed the power of unification having no barriers of space defeating a stronghold of blatant evil worldwide. Satan knows his time is short as the midnight hour indicates. He is a defeated enemy that can not withstand the coming of the light. We, wielding power through our unification, came together dislodging this corruption through prayer. The claim to eradicate this injustice in our lifetime is a bold claim that will come to pass knowing this is God's will. We will not permit this to injustice to continue, right? RIGHT! It is good to stand together with you promoting freedom in the name of Jesus.