Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Seeds of Hope Plants Seeds

Sunday Seeds of Hope put on a party! The purpose of the party was to make cards for the 34 children that are in school as a result of Missio Lux' Seeds of Hope project to provide an opportunity for Sudanese children to go to boarding school.

It was so inspiring to see the individuals faces of each child as we tucked cards into their specific card pocket that held their picture. It was also sobering to watch the video that contrasts the difference in the lives of those who are in boarding school in Kenya and those that are in the barren fields of Sudan tending cattle.

The children in school have faces that radiate hope. Education is hope in Africa, especially for the Sudanese who have only known war and suffering in their lifetime. The faces of those in the dusty cattle fields look burdened and hungry.

It is easy to feel so overwhelmed by the magnitude of suffering in our world. Because we live in such a globally connected world, we really can't escape hearing about it. At times it is immobilizing--it makes me want to throw up my hands in despair and hide under my covers.

But, looking into the faces of our Sudanese children in school makes me know that we are making a difference. We are planting seeds of hope not just to the indivual children whose lives will be radically transformed, but also for all of Sudan as we continue to work toward our goal of partnering with other Lost Boys across the US to help their village children go to school. My dream is to see Sudan be filled with healthy functioning villages because they have educated people who are bringing solution to the countries severe challenges.

But, for now, I will be content looking at the smiles of the children who are enjoying life at Roots Academy in Nakuru, Kenya!

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Anonymous said...

I am struck by the smiles on the kids' faces from the academy picture. They definitely seem to be having a good time - full of peace and joy. LB