Friday, November 21, 2008

Rice Dinner Challenge

Saturday night missional families are gathering at our home to intentionally identify with the significant number of the world who go to bed hungry every night of their lives.

We are gathering to have a simple bowl of rice, and a cup of green tea. As we gather, we will consider the different countries where hunger is a huge and growing issue. It's only going to get worse as we struggle with environmental issues, income issues, and an increasing earthly population.

But, hunger isn't just over there.... it is also in our own backyard. The local foodbank, Issaquah foodbank, is short of food already for this season. They have had significant shortages due to the economic downturn.

But, Missio Lux is doing their part!

We are challenging ourselves and our neighborhoods to collect 1,000 food items. . .this is an awesome opportunity for kids to get involved.

Our own missio community challenged our children, aged 10 to 2, to make a difference. So, they made up a flier, stapled it to paper bags, and went to every house in our neighborhood, asking them to participate and inviting them to the Rice Dinner!

They became very excited as they took their project on and in the meantime, their heart of compassion is being expanded. This is very important for children in this area who are confronted daily with rather extreme materialism from an affluent culture.

It will be fun to see how people respond. However it goes, the ripple effect makes it bigger than what we can ever see.

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