Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Missio Lux Launch

Launch countdown time: 12 days and counting!

Missio Lux is celebrating its official start Sunday, October 5th. It's the time when we invite those who are our friends and supporters to come and celebrate with us that God has brought Missio Lux from nothing to something.

It wasn't that long ago that the Lord called me to "turn and look at the landscape." He wanted to show me that the culture had changed dramatically but the way that we live out our faith in the church was pretty close to what it had been for many decades.

It all started with a reading week focused on "Global Trends in Church and Culture" as I sought to confirm what I had been sensing for sometime. I had the opportunity that week to have a conversation with my unchurched neighbors as they gave me their perspective on the Church. It was scary that they were making statement verbatim to the books I was reading that week.

It was followed by some intentional discernment day with other ministry leaders. We sought to take the broader look and realized that the Church needed to make some intentional shifts to be able to convey the most important message in the world: Jesus' invitation to live life with him.

I passed out "The Present Future" by Reggie McNeal to everyone who would take a copy that summer. I think that in the end about 60 people at Pine Lake read his book that asks us to make 6 paradigm shifts in the way we think about and live out our faith in the church.

During this time, the Lord began to move powerfully in the Spirit. At times, the Spirit would rise up and tell me one aspect of a new way of walking and then carefully explain to me why he wanted that change. I never knew when it was going to happen, but for several months, it felt like I was being pulled toward heaven, even as I knew that I needed to focus on earth as well.

Then, a forward momentum took place: the denominational leaders asked my church to host a Reggie McNeal conference, our prayer team was anointed in a very specific and dramatic way, the Leadership Team was given a sense of urgency that the timing to plant a new church is now!, and I was called to a 40 day fast to discern exactly what it was that God wanted to do.

It ended up with Missio Lux. It's only just beginning . . . the adventure will be bigger than any of us can ever dream.

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