Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Huddle

We are about to launch our first huddle!

What's a huddle?
It's the support network for catalysts and others for Missio Communities.

What's a catalyst?
They are the people that get things going...they are the ones that actually get a Missio Community into action. They may end up moving to be a catalyst in another community rather soon, or they may keep bringing life and energy to the first community that they just jumpstarted!

Huddles are a great idea because one of the obstacles that people identified early on with Missio Lux is how people will stay connected and informed, and part of the larger whole.

The huddle is a pathway to do just that.
The goal for huddle is 3 fold: to equip, to connect and to communicate.

The equipping piece is vital for catalysts to continue to learn new ways of getting a community off the ground, to learn how to help people grow in their faith, to be equipped as facilitators, the ideas for equipping are so varied that it will take a lifetime to get through all the topics.

The connection piece is bigger than it looks. Some who are huddled will huddle others. So, the connection piece is both up and down, in and out. This will help the dispersed model stay connected to one another. The vision will be shared over and over in the huddle, so the catalysts will take the refreshed vision back to their specific community. Connection is vital in every direction and the structure of the huddle helps make that happen.

The communication piece is challenging when you don't meet weekly, have a bulletin or narthex time. Our website will be the biggest vehicle for information, but the huddle will share information in a relational way that will make it personal and real. Communication is much more than words on a page or texts on a phone.

So, next week we start our first huddle! Wish you could be there to help celebrate yet another Missio Lux first~

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Don and Dee Henke said...


Your use of the word Caytalist caught my attention as that is the name of the new service that ACC has started on Sunday night. Stacee Eggers is the leader while she attend Denver Seminary.

Things sound very positive.