Thursday, September 11, 2008

Expanding the Circle

Last night I met with the leaders of Iglesia Latino America Church--it is a privilege to be in their presence because they know how to live out community.

They never get together without sharing a meal. They know one another; their strengths, their weaknesses and their doubts. They encourage one another in their faith. They speak out affirmation. And, they pray.

They speak of God's answered prayers. They speak of their prayers in process of "waiting for an answer." They understand disappointment, but they aren't flattened by it. Thye get up the next day and continue to walk with Jesus.

It makes me happy to be with these people. Even though at times language is a barrier, our common love for Jesus unites us. I am encouraged by their perseverance and by their struggles and how they respond to them.

They are considering becoming a Missio Community. I encouraged them to do just that; knowing that to come out from underneath a weekly service would free up their energy, their time, their resources to be able to do what they really long to do: reach out into their community.

They know of many Spanish speaking people who are just coming to Seattle and need to be welcomed. They are burdened by the children who need tutoring or just plain attention. They are hungry to see people meet and follow Jesus.

They don't have a pastor right now, but I was able to help them see that they are the ones who are pastoring one another. They know their Bibles well, they can encourage one another with what the Lord has shown them through the week with their time with him.

When God was showing me the vision for Missio Lux, he showed me that people from all ethnicities would be part of Missio Lux. It is my hope that Iglesia will be the first of many who will help the Body of Christ become connected beyond the familiar.

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