Thursday, September 25, 2008

Huddle Happenings

Last night we huddled. It was exciting to see 17 Catalysts walk through the door.
Our purpose: to connect, to equip, to communicate!

Connection was easy as we enjoyed dinner together, traded information that would be helpful to one another, and encouraged each other to take the next step!

Equipping came in the form of taking our training material and using the 5 steps to starting a Missio Community. We listened to one another as we each spoke about the challenges and breakthroughs that we encounter as we take steps forward.

Communication took place as we considered the kingdom missional opportunities we have in October: of course, the Launch in just 10 days!, the human trafficking movie "Call and Response," and holding a celebration at Occidental Park on October 19th.

Our time of connection with God included listening to his call for us to live as Joshuas. Joshua thrilled God's heart in that when everyone else left the Tent of Meeting, Joshua stayed behind and enjoyed God's presence. He found spending time with God more enticing than anything else on earth.

Joshua also passed the faith test when we and 9 other spies were sent in to scope out the Promised Land. Joshua and his friend Caleb came back saying, "If God is one our side, we can take the land." But, the 8 other men convinced the Isrealites that the challenge was too big and they were best to go back to Egypt.

Missio Lux is raising up Joshuas! We understand what's at stake and we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to live into God's call. I love to think about what can be and where we will be at this point next year.

We ended our huddle together with communion. It was a sacred event made ordinary by the laughter, the friendship and the connection that we had shared through the night. I know it pleased God to see us communing with him as we communed with each other.

Ahhh, it feels good to say we have huddled! May we continue to step towards God in ways that will cause others to like what they see and want to be part of it.

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