Friday, September 5, 2008

The Logo

This weekend is such a big milestone for Missio Lux: it is our first Missional Community Training. It is the training for all that want to be part of a missional community so they can be the church present to the world.

One of the first areas we will explore is the Missio Lux logo. It was designed to tell the story of Missio Lux and can be a great way to explain what Missio Lux is; a question asked often!

The logo tells the story of our name.
Lux: the bright sunburst represents Jesus' light
Missio: the outward spokes point outward as mission
The mirror represents reflection: we only reflect Christ's love when we are facing the light.

The logo illustrates our structure.
The middle circle shows that we are centered on Jesus and his way to life, we seek to live the Jesus lifestyle.
It also represents our core foundational ministries of healing, recovery, life equipping and training.

The spokes are varied and going in many directions: these represent the different geographical and unique opportunities that the missional communities will take as they discover God's specific "missio" for their community.

Some spokes are empty: these represent the areas where the Light of Jesus does not yet shine; our missional opportunities yet to be explored. The possibilities are endless--we can move out as far as God calls us because our structure is organic, simple and reproducible.

The small circles are of course, the missional communities themselves! Several spokes have two communities on them, this represents the DNA being built into continually reproduce and multiply so that more and more people from all walks of life and different ethnic and faith backgrounds can experience Jesus invitation to join him on the journey through life.

Pretty exciting....can't wait to see the logo in living color as Missio Lux becomes a reality to more and more people!

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Swedish Colombian said...

Hi, Tammy! I check your blog every other week or so, and was very interested to read this explanation of the logo. Whoever your designer was did an excellent job.
What a great logo for your church body to have, that it can be used as a starting point of conversation!
Chris Hagberg