Monday, September 8, 2008

Missio Community Training

This weekend was our long awaited event: the Missio Community Training. This training is meant for all who want to participate in a missio community. I partnered with a team all summer to develop the training: starting from zero: we had a vision but not much else.

Our team is one of the best I've ever partnered with in ministry. They are bright, they are articulate, they are dedicated, they are visionary! In just 3 short months, we developed a 75 page training manual and put together one awesome training.

We started in our home Friday night, to encourage the "atmosphere of hospitality." We ate a meal together, relaxing in the beauitful Seattle weather, even though we had a boatload of information to cover. We want to lay a DNA of relationship, not work!

It was fun to look out and see those that are adventurous step into the unknown. One woman, recently from Peru, heard about Missio Lux just the night before and showed up to experience it. Another woman, over 90 years old, came because she loves the idea of Missio Lux. Some teens came too, and participated in the training!

Friday was about the vision: we explored the logo, the mission statement, the vision statement and considered that the three circles of knowing God, loving one another and serving the world, cause God's heart to beat in us when all three areas are present in our lives.

Saturday was about nuts and bolts, but we still had time for a game of Missio Lux Jepordy. Three teams competed for the questions for all the different Missio Lux distinctives. We all filed through for a DVD that we are filming for our launch on October 5th.

I left Saturday afternoon, feeling as did many others, that we're becoming something! We are now more than an idea, a vision or a hope. We are starting to step into our calling and see the kingdom of God expand through Jesus' work in us.

My heart is beating.... with God's heart in me.

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