Sunday, April 27, 2008

Missional Communities Part 3

Think about it. . .

When the American family goes to a church building on Sunday morning, they don't often see each other again until they get in the car to go home (that is if they ride together to get there.) We usually drop our kids off in the nursery or Sunday School, our teen goes to the youth room, one parent may serve by teaching a class, while the other sits in worship alone.

We've pretty much accepted that this is the way it is. But, when Jesus told us that we need to become like little children in our faith, I find it curious that we remove ourselves from the little children.

Can it be different? Do we want it to be different?

I think so. I hear a hungering for families to live life together again, and that includes our faith. Missio Lux has a test pilot missional commuity for families with young children. They are discovering just how much can happen when they decide to be together and enjoy "doing life together."

The last time they gathered they played a game. It's called the Family Game. When you start off, everyone is disconnected from each other and no one knows one another. As you begin to discover who people are they become part of your family. The family starts to grow. Other families are present too. But, eventually, they end up being all one big family.

Sound familiar? It's Jesus' idea. He tells us in the Gospels that "those who do the will of his father are his mother, his sisters and his brothers." He is painting a picture of all Jesus followers understanding and experiencing that we are one big family when we belong to God.

The kids got it. They looked around and saw that they were one big family. They realized that they have more than two adults that care about them because they experienced the encouragement and support of the other parent's in the room.

We think that spirtiual formation with our kids is so mysteriously difficult to do. But, in reality, it is pretty simple. It involves our presence and our desire to become like little children in our faith. As we do this, we get to enjoy the gift of making a spiritual impact together with our children. That is truly the abundant life Jesus invites us to in action.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to play this game! Is there a link somewhere or can you give me the gist? We're always looking for things to bring our children into our experience of life together in our house church.


Tamara Buchan said...

This is the gist:
Everyone decides who they want to be. They write it down and put it in a bowl. Someone in the group reads off the names in the bowl 2 or 3 times. Then, someone starts by asking anyone "are you so and so?" If they say yes, they become part of the asker's family. If they say no, it goes to the next person.
Eventually, most people will be in families, and the goal is to find the identity of the person who is not yet discovered.
When everyone becomes part of one big family, the teaching moment happens.

God's blessings on your house church. Tell me more about it.