Monday, April 21, 2008

Missional Communities Part 2

Last week God took a chronos time and turned it into a kairos time.

Chronos is the actual time: say 2 hours starting at 4 p.m. Kairos time is when God breaks through our lives and does his thing. It's when we walk away with a stirred heart because God showed us himself, either through something he did or what he asks us to do for one another.

We were meeting as the Test Pilot Adult Missional Community. Several people were out of town, so there were just a few of us, but we were the ones that God appointed to show up for the kairos moment. It was a night when none of us ever once looked at our watches for the chronos time because when God is doing his thing, chronos becomes irrelevant.

One of the big questions people ask is: how will we discover our missional purpose? I plan on creating a discernment process that will be a tool that communities can walk through to get to the "aha moment. " But, sometimes God just does it. We were talking and discovered that we have a passion for water.

Water is a huge justice issue in the world in that women and young girls often have to spend up to 6 hours a day locating, filling and carrying water. It breaks their backs, literally and even more, keeps girls out of school so all they have to look forward to in their life is carrying water back and forth.

Having access to a well can dramatically change an entire village' life.

As we spoke, we discovered the connections that we have, the people we know who are passionate about water, the experiences we've had, and then our dreams for bringing water to dry villages suddenly got bigger and seemed more attainable.

For me, it was one of those kairos moments when I knew God was giving me a glimpse of what he wants to do in Missio Lux to match people with hearts to serve in the US with the needs of the world. His job is to expose and create the matches.

What's your dream? Start asking God for some kairos moments so that your heart keeps getting stirred.......

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