Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This Ain't Your Granny's Poetry

Last weekend Missio Lux held an Art Nite. Alex Graves, one of the 20 somethings in Missio Lux put together a night that helped us to live into one of our values: knowing God through beauty, art and creative expression.

Alex writes Slam Poetry. Slam Poetry is "not your Granny's style of poetry. It is rather caustic, given in a bit of a rap rhythm but speaks truth to different situations in our lives. He wove in his poems between musical groups; all around his age and very talented. Art was also posted on the walls; all different kinds, but giving a big window into the thoughts and values of those in a different generation.

There were some of us more his parent's age in the audience. I found that in some ways we knew how Alex and the 20 something often felt when gathered in the boomer's presence. It felt a bit like we were in no man's land: not knowing the rules, the people or the culture.

But, I found myself wondering. Is this why we are loosing this generation at an alarming rate in churches? We actually speak different languages, as technology is their language of choice. They have the ability to focus on several things all at once and get it; so they find the rate that worship is presented slow and boring.

The challenge to be a Church that includes every generation is very real in the 21st century.
We have to be intentional to include everyone, not just a predominant culture that keeps all others on the sidelines. We need to be bi-lingual; speaking all cultures languages, even though almost all of us have English as our first language.

Missio Lux believes that as we intentionally appreciate our differences, we can also celebrate our unity as the whole body of Christ together representing Jesus to the world.

Alex and his gang accomplished this that night. Through their unique styles, they brought many truths to our awareness and perhaps were even more effective in helping us pay attention.


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