Friday, April 18, 2008

Missional Communities are Happening

A couple of weeks ago we launched our test pilot Missional Communities. The people attending these communities are becoming equipped to start their own communities in the fall. The idea is to multiply into many more Missional Communities so that we can first experience and then share the freedom and hope Jesus offers with everyone.

The first Families with Teens gathering was huge. Families came into together~not the parents going one way and the teens another. I realized that just getting a family of four or five in the same room for a couple of hours is almost an American miracle in itself. How many times do we struggle just to eat dinner together?

We are going to practice "doing life together" and try to understand what God means when he says that we are "all one family of God." We are going to take what the Bible tells us and find out how to apply it to real life situation. We are going to be good listeners as adults to the voices of teens and children because Jesus tells us that they have so much to teach us.

Now this group is trying to decide how to reach out to serve the world. We talked about lots of ideas: making pillows for homeless people and passing them out, doing yard work for a family that needs it, going to a group home for the disabled and playing games or making a craft, and even picking up litter on the highway.

One of my dreams is that when kids leave for college, the family has memories of times that they reached out beyond themselves and made a difference. Missio Lux is creating a structure that will make these dreams a reality. Someday we will have so much to say that no blog could ever hold it all.


brad brisco said...

Here is something I ran across yesterday to move a Bible study in a missional direction, thought it might be helpful in what you all are doing with your communities. Blessings.

Tamara Buchan said...

HI Brad,

I went to your site. It's great, would love to hear more about your work. I have family in KC-so it's near and dear to my heart.
I didnt' see the link to the Bible Study that you mentioned.

brad brisco said...

oops, here is the link to the missional bible study questions:

lb said...

I think this is the link.

Did you see Brad is a "church plant strategist"? Sounds interesting.