Thursday, April 3, 2008


Saturday I had to run several errands ~ one of my least favorite things to do is run errands. I found myself in Target as I needed 100 packets to start the Test Pilot Missional Communities. The clerk had to go to the back to find more and as I stood there, I felt my aggitation grow. I am not a very patient person, and waiting seems like such a waste of time that could be used for better things.....

But, as I felt my aggitation grow, I was reminded that "the Kingdom of God is within me," and that I had the opportunity to intentionally shine Jesus' light in Target. So, I began to pray for the clerk getting the packets. I began to pray for the people walking through the isle. One familiy walked back and forth 5 or 6 times as I stood there, they got a lot of prayer. I felt the atmosphere change as Jesus was invited to do his amazing work at Target.

I never witnessed out loud. I didn't do anything different except acknowledge the truth that I, like every other Jesus follower, carry his light. Those ten minutes of waiting, which ordinarily would have been sheer torture for me, became a time of worship between me and Jesus. I left Target feeling lighter and more joyful; that's certainly never happened at Target before.

Romans 12:1-2 calls us to offer our bodies as living sacrifices. That means that as our bodies are in a certain place that we can intentionally offer Jesus the opportunity to do his work through us. Sometimes it's very active, Saturday was very subtle. I don't think I will ever forget it.

And, now I almost look forward to a delay; who knows what can happen?


Chris Brown said...

I don't like being late for meetings. Makes me very edgy. But now I'll try your 'pray through it' technique and see how it goes. BTW, it might work for us both, as we have a meeting this very evening to begin your Missio Lux film project!

Hope to be there on time and not keep you waiting.


Anonymous said...

Your experience in Target reminds me of one of my shopping delights.

One of my favorite days to go food shopping is the day before Thanksgiving. Without fail I see a bunch of harried parents and bewildered children among the busy professionals who look like they're about to scream at people to get out of the way. I love to walk leisurely up the aisles speaking or smiling to each of them as they pass. It is beautiful to see my children see what busyness does to people and what slowing down does to our attitudes.

Jesus did not come to us and say "go make jobs". He did not say "go make busy work". He certainly did not call us to run around like fools after the perfect meal or the perfect purchases. He called us to a life of love and community.

How wonderful it would be if every time a follower of Jesus walks into their community, be it to shop or to work or to recreate, that they do it with the singular purpose of being a model of the love of Jesus?

Tamara Buchan said...

I love your approach to Thanksgiving shopping, I am going to remember it for next year!

Anonymous said...

Praying for people I see around me is something I started doing very early in life. What you will find amazing as you do this is how God will remind you of these individuals weeks, months or years later.

When I was in college riding the "L" in Chicago I started to pray for a little girl sitting near me. I can't remember the details of who she was with or what she was wearing - but I remember my heart going out to her as I thought of the things she might face in life that I had been so graciously protected from - racism, poverty, neglect or molestation.

It amazes me that even now out of the blue I am sometimes reminded to pray for her. She must be over 30 years old now but God has kept a place open in my heart for her and others that I have prayed for but never met. ~

Anonymous said...

Several years ago when my husband was having surgery, I was in the waiting room waiting to hear about his surgery and, I was anxious. It wasn't a life-threatening surgery, but still I was anxious.I had prayed for him earlier and had brought some books to read, but wasn't really interested in reading. As I watched the doctors come in to give the results of their surgeries to their patient's families, I saw the anxious looks on the faces of the families. Then a God-thought came into my head....start praying for all of the families here. I did and such amazing joy came over me. God was there and I could feel His power and comfort going out to those around me! I was no longer anxious myself, and I thanked God for the opportunity to pray for all there.
Now I try to remember this when I am line at the grocery traffic...etc.